Let Us Entertain You

This week, listen to the voice inside your head, go with your gut, do what feels right, help out where you can, just like all of these good folks are doing in our display of videos that caught our eye.

If you read last week’s blog post on mountain bike videos, consider this the antidote to the Trail Snob’s laments. Jack Fogelquist gets back on a Banshee, in a get-you-hyped fast-music massive-shredding video clip.

If you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you carry around homemade wood transitions, everything looks sessionable. BMX Fly bikes Coastin part 1

The connotations are obvious, but Rowdy keeps shredding no matter what anyone thinks.

The benefits of a data-driven systems approach are obvious in Formula One. In this Ted Talks, Peter van Manen, Managing Director of McLaren Electronics, presents the case for more effective health care.