Pumping Up with Hans and Franz… and Co2

Good evening. And welcome again to “Pumping Up With Hans & Franz,” the informative training program for the serious weightlifter cyclist. 

Franz: Hello! We’re back!

Hans: I am Hans.

Franz: And I am Franz.

Together: And we just want to.. [ clap ] PUMP.. you up!

Get ready girly-men, it is time for Art’s Cyclery to PUMP… you up! If you are still using a hand pump to inflate your bike tires, you have obviously been skipping your cerebral push-ups. Drop the pump, drop and give me 20 and then start using Co2 to inflate those tires. Check out the video below and we’ll show you how.

Getting a flat blows… but using Co2 makes the best of a bad situation and gets you back on the road quickly and easily. This of course minimizes the chance that you will throw an epic tantrum like the one in the video above. To minimize frustration and minimize the number of new wheels you will have to buy, check out the awesome selection of Co2 inflators at ArtsCyclery.com! If this video came a little too late, we have you covered with a new set of wheels too.

And for those that don’t get the reference, check out some vintage SNL goodness.

Hans & Franz from Paul Eyler on Vimeo.